Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hey you guys, I know I'm getting really bad at updating my blog. Its a work in progress I promise. We're about 2 weeks out from halloween and I don't know about you but we had a great time!

 Ethan told me since day one when we first started talking about this years costume that he wanted to be "O the Owl" from Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. Now if you've ever seen this show you realize that means he wants to be a blue owl. Well surprise, surprise they don't have blue owl costumes. But after his insistance, and turning down my willingness to buy him any other costume he wanted I realized the only way to have a happy child on halloween was going to be to make it myself.  So I did.

I originally thought I was going to have to make him a mask but I ran across this little gym and knew this was it.

Next step was finding a hoodie and cutting out a lot of felt. Now when I say a lot I mean A LOT.
1000 felt triangles to be exact. 

If was extremely tedious but I love how the final costume came out.

Meeting Tinkerbell ( a friend of mine)

We went to out with a friend of ours and her son, Aiden the Scarcrow

 At this point he had gotten sick of his hat and stole my owl mask ( thats right I still made a mask, go figure)

 What a fun night. We lucked out and he didn't bust into anyone's house ( except tinkerbell, but I guess that doesn't count since we've been there before. ) and we definitely got more then our fair share of candy. Up next? Christmas!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Being Aboy Mom is Amazing

  1. They are so easy to get ready. Tshirt-Check, jeans- Check, converse sneakers-Check. Baseball cap- check. And we’re done. No leggings, no hair bows, no frilly, itchy dresses. Its so easy and he always looks so cute. And most of the time ( as long as he is wearing his red converses lately) he doesn’t care what he is wearing which means I don’t have to fight him to look nice. Ever.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Hit Rock Bottom and It Made Me a Better Parent

I started to fail as a mom this summer. I had unknowingly given my power to a 3 year old. Ethan was driving me batty on a daily basis over things that shouldn't even matter and I let him. I lost control and had basically let him become the one with the power he was becoming a little tyrant and  I was tired, cranky and if I'm being brutally honest ( which is pretty much my point in disclosing this) I didn't care any more. My relationship with my son was horrible and I didn't know how to fix it nor did I think I had the energy. Things that didn't bother me months ago would grate my nerves and the Kindle and the TV had become my saving grace recently. Now don't get me wrong I love my son and wanted him to be nothing but happy but I thought that his happiness meant my unhappiness so I let myself become this bitter, emotionally drained, checked out parent. It was ugly, I was ugly and we fought like cats and dogs. Sometimes I didn't want to be around him and would pray for nap time or bedtime. 

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