Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back to the Essentials

Essential oils that is!  One of my coworkers has been talking about essential oils and how well they work for her family for weeks. She uses one of the bigger companies and swears by them for everything from headaches to hyperactivity. My curiosity was definitely peaked so I figured it was worth the research and research I did.

Using EO's isn't just some fad, people have been using them forever and they're finally starting to become a more popular alternative in peoples every day life. So I thought what the heck, it can't hurt to try. So I ordered some lavender from one of the bigger companies and gave it a try on Ethan. Lavender is said to have a calming effect and calm it did. I won't say it completely mellowed him out but I did notice a dramatic difference with his mood and temperament.
 So of course seeing this made me want to try more but the problem is the big name companies  is despite the fact that they both have good reviews for quality products they are pricey and when your trying to save money its hard to rationalize spending upwards of $30 plus on 5 to 10ml of something. So back to researching I and found a product I like in a price range I can afford.
Now some people may argue this with me, and that's ok. Different people prefer different products its human. I'm not trying to sell you on anything, instead just letting you know what works for me.

I have about 6 or 7 different oils I use for a variety of things thus far and over time plan on expanding my collection.  I have a calmer child, less head aches, and have even started making some of my own cleaning supplies which is something I never would have thought about doing until recently. I pretty much go nowhere without my lavender and lemon oils with me.
If you haven't thought about using essential oils its definitely worth doing your research, but that's the catch- don't just jump into it. Try different brands, learn about the companies and find one that works for what you need.

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday- Beachwear

Its that time for one of my favorite link ups- Trendy Tot Tuesday, posting all about kids fashion.

This week? Swim wear. 
Every year Ethan ends up with numerous pairs of swim trucks. This year I'm trying to limit it to 3, but I have a lot of cute things to choose from.

We actually already bought E these DC board shorts last year on sale, in green. He loves them because of the pockets and has plenty of time to grow into them.

We are also a fan of quicksilver shorts and although they're pricey they're a good quality that really last.

Baby gap has some super cute board shorts and long sleeve rash guards which when your as pale as Ethan are an absolute must

What about you? Where did you find your little ones swim wear this year?

Now its your turn, head over and link up for trendy tot tuesday

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Style On a Budget

Remember eons ago when I would do the occasional post about cute style for plus size women, all while trying to stay on a budget? Well it slowly faded into the back ground not because I didn't want to show off a bunch of cute clothes, but because I hit a total mommy rut. I mean I have lived in jeans and t-shirts until lately. Not really anything stylish there. Heck even my hair ( remember my cute hair cut from last year?) is boring because I'm trying to let it grow. 

 Well trust me I have noticed the rut, and I'm trying extremely hard to break out of it. So yesterday while browsing my favorite store ever, Target,  I came across a few pieces I loved and decided that its time to let go of the t-shirts and embrace the easy but nice looking shirts and skirts that are slowly making their way into my closet.

Shirt- Macys, Skirt-Target,  Shoes-Target ( similar, mine are 2 years old), Bag- Coach ( also about 2 years old)

Ethan decided to photo bomb a couple photos but I don't think anyone will mind since he's so handsome, right?

On Ethan-Old Navy

So there we go, goodbye frumpy, hello fabulous!

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