Monday, June 20, 2011

Another week down 12 more to go

Ethan is another week older, and we're alittle bit closer to my due date. 

Every monday I read some of the "highlights" in baby development for that week ( You know.. your kid is as big as a watermelon and you probably run to the bathroom 50 times a day at this point in your pregnancy). Well here is what I want to know. Who comes up with this?? I mean yes its nice to be informed, but its so stinking dry and extremely boring.  Why can't they spice it up alittle bit? Start my week with a laugh? Well I finally found a place that does this and boy oh boy is it hilarious. So I've decided that every monday I'm now going to let you know what they have to say about my pregnancy, because its hilarious and everyone needs a good laugh now and again ( lucky you, I know).

So here we go.. 28 Weeks :)

week by week pregnancyYour Baby:
  • Continues to get a longer and fatter by the day. Shocking, I know. His or her weight has actually doubled in the past month alone, which is why you’ve probably gotten comments about “popping” recently.
  • Weight is around 2.5 pounds right now, which (if you’re like me, gazing in horror and your inside-out belly button and spidery stretch marks) might sound a little frightening, since the baby clearly needs to gain a LOT MORE WEIGHT before he or she is fully cooked, and oh my God, how in the world is anything bigger going to fit in there?
  • Are either feeling like this pregnancy will NEVER end, or that 12 more weeks is simply not nearly enough time to prepare. Or you might feel both ways, changing your mind one minute to the next.
  • Must move furniture and fold clothes and organize the linen closet and replace the bathroom vanity and finally get rid of that sooty stain on the marble fireplace and yes, DARLING, these are all essential tasks that MUST be completed before the baby gets here, DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME, NOW GO HANG UP SOME SHELVES.

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