Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bye Bye Charlie Bird

So you know how people get really attached to their dogs?  Well I had a bird that I was that attached too, unfortunately poor Charlie passed away sometime sunday night/monday am.

Tim woke up and took the cover off her cage to find her laying at the bottom, dead.  We're not sure exactly what happened but her foot was stuck in the bottom of the cage, and her wings were spread out like she had been flapping trying to get free. We think maybe she literally scared herself to death and had a heart attack. Green cheek conures normally live to be extremely old ( some as old as 50 years). But poor Charlie was 7, she was the first gift Tim ever gave me, for my first birthday we spent together.

That bird was such a pain the the butt sometimes, fiesty just like her mommy lol. She squaked and bit, and basically raised hell, but I loved her and will miss her something terribly......

RIP Charlie

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