Friday, June 3, 2011

Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Women

Yep, that pretty much describes me in a nut shell, crazy preggo lady. I have a different blog about my low carb lifestyle ( check it out :) but I felt like I needed somewhere I can have alittle more fun with, somewhere a little more personal. So here I am. Opening up about all things crazy in my life, and trust me there is lots of crazy :)

Where to start? Well I'm a Navy wife ( point one of the crazy meter), not a huge fan of the navy life, but my husband makes it all worth it. I'm also a pediatric nurse that works mostly with kids who have cancer or blood disorders ( crazy point number 2...) to answer what your thinking " how can she do that, it must be so hard" Well DUH! I work with kids who are fighting for their lives every day, but its just as rewarding as it is hard.. I love my job. And the kicker.....

Crazy point number 3..... My eggo is preggo. 6 months preggo to be exact. Our first born ( well my first born, Tims second b/c I have a wonderful stepdaughter) will be making his grand entrance in early september ( But I would totally be ok with late August, hint hint) A little boy, or as I affectionately call him when I'm frustrated, Mommys little PITA. I guarantee this kid will be some type of athlete, because he is constantly moving up a storm and man does he pack a punch. A boxer maybe? The next Babe Ruth? whatever.

Ok so on a serious note Ethan is definitely not a PITA, but I'm also not one of those crazy women that enjoys being pregnant. To be honest I hate pretty much every minute of it. But I know the end result is all worth it. Everyone always says " feeling the baby is the best thing in the whole wide world" Really? Did your baby kick you so hard that you have a brain injury now, because thats crazy talk! Kicking isn't cute, its painful and hurts! Ok yeah its cute the first few times, when they're super tiny. But after that its like my stomach is one of those bouncy castle.

Oh while I'm ranting lets talk about breathing, you know that thing that gets really hard to do once your stomach starts expanding. I have come to the conclusion that I can do only one thing at a time. Eat or Breath, but never both. Why you may ask? Because my stomach is currently is my chest, therefor when I eat, I can't breath. I've tried small frequent meals, just liquids, everything. But nope. I eat then I walk around panting for an hour trying to catch my breath.

Note to self- Next time make sure the pregnancy is during the winter. Being preggo in the summer is the pits. Your already swollen b/c of the water weight, but you add heat in to the mix and watch out! Marshmellow Man coming thru. Plus you miss on all the fun summer things. Road trips, amusement parks, baseball games while eating a hotdog and drinking a beer, should I go on?? All you want to do while being preggo is lay down with your feel up, it sucks!

But then again I know come September I'm going to be calling this the smartest thing I've ever done, because I mean seriously... I'm going to be somebodys mommy!!!!

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