Friday, June 24, 2011

Hands Off!

So I have decided, with everything I complain about during this pregnancy, there really is one thing that annoys me more then any other. Worse then the lack of sleep, worse the the swelling, worse then the constant need to pee. I hate having my stomach touched!!!!

Let me explain. I am normally a touchy feely person, hugs for everyone, but since I have been pregnant, I pretty much hate to be touched. No cuddling, not hugs, and don't even think about putting your hands on my stomach.  Its like the type of irritation people get if they have an ant on their foot, then even when said ant is gone, they can't stop scratching. Thats how I feel when people touch my stomach. Totally, uncomfortably freaked out! 

Yes I know this pregnancy is a blessing, and I should be thankful, and people are automatically drawn to cute preggo bellies, but holy cow could you ask before you start gropping my stomach? Especially if I don't know you! I have had more little old ladies touch my belly then I can count, and its not like I can be mean and tell them to back off... they're so cute!

I'm not sure why people are so fascinated with touching baby bellies, but what confuses me even more is -- they don't ask! They think it's OK just to put their hands on me!? Why?
I think the whole reason for this vent is it would be nice if people asked before they started attacking my stomach with their hands. Yes there is a baby in there but its my stomach darnit, and I deserve alittle bit of respect and space.  Its not just little old ladies, its people I work with, friends, family, even my own husband drives me nuts rubbing my stomach.  He has gotten to the point where he thinks he's being slick and will rub it while I'm sleeping trying to feel Ethan move, but all it does is wake me up and makes me want to karate chop in him the .... well you know.

I mean is it so hard to ask if its ok? No.. it takes 3 seconds, and chances are if you respect my personal space and ask me then I'm going to let you ( atleast for a second or two, just don't get to comfy). I try explaining this to people but they don't seem to get it at all. Its like I've turned into nothing but an incubator and people forget that I'm a person with feelings and would like everyone not to keep bombarding my bubble... You know MY BUBBLE!! That 2 feet distance around yourself that I feel like everyone has a right to have. How would you feel life I grabbed your ass because its so round and cute... you wouldn't, and would want me to remove my hand asap. Maybe thats what I'll do.... next time someone grabs my stomach they might get it back in return... maybe then they'll get the hint. ;)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean!! My grandpa's wife (who I really can't stand anyhow) thinks that whenever she sees me now she can rub my belly as much as she wants. It's so annoying! You would never go up to someone who isn't pregnant and just randomly rub them so why would you think that it's ok!?


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