Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I sure had a good day... my check book, not so much!

The very best thing about being pregnant, other then the magic of the belly( I'll tell you all about that some other time) , is you get to go shopping.... a lot!
Cribs, dressers, gliders oh my :) Then you add in all the cute baby clothes and well its like shopping heaven (** until you check your bank account, so I try not too lol). We already bought our nursery furniture but have been looking for the perfect chair for the babys room. Well we found it the other day at baby depot ( located at burlington coat factory, didn't believe it until i saw it but that place is amazing!!) Not only does this chair match, but it has lumbar support, and looks like a regular arm chair ( perfect so we can move it to another room of the house later if we choose). I literally have never been in love with a piece of furniture until I got this.
Plus today I had a girls day with a friend and did a little shopping and bought the cutest stuff for little man. :)

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