Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If I were to write a book

So I figured out how I'm going to make millions one day. I'm going to write a book. Thats right a book... and the title of this book shall be
I Got Kicked in the Vaginia
And other things people don't tell you about pregnancy.

I decided it was the perfect name for my book. I was sitting at dinner the other day, minding my own when I literally felt like I was being kicked ( or head butted... you pick) in the whoo ha. It was funny the first time or 2, but man can this little one pack a punch.

Other names I've thought of for my future book......

How Can I Eat for Two When I Have Morning Sickness?

I'm Pregnant, Whats your Excuse?

Yes, I'm Pregnant, No I Don't Feel Good, and No You Can't Rub My Stomach

And last but not least

My Stomach Looks Like a Road Map- The Long Road to Mommyhood

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

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