Friday, June 10, 2011

The Magic of the Belly

Sounds like I'm getting ready to tell you some cool magic trick huh? Well here is the trick.... your belly! As much as I gripe about the horrors of pregnancy, there are a few really wonderful things that come along with it.
#1 You can act like a complete crazy person and nobody minds
This is one of my fave pregnancy perks because you see, I'm a extremely emotional person even when I'm not pregnant, however when I acted like a nut case pre pregnancy, people wouldn't take me serious. It was a whole lot of "whatever Shannon", and much less, " I completely understand Shannon". Even if I'm saying the the exact same thing before pregnancy people tend to take me serious now, or atleast excuse the fact that I may be acting like I need a straight jacket and humor me :)
Case and point- We aren't just redoing our guest room into a nursery, we're also making the guest bathroom into a "kids bathroom" Complete with rubber duckies everywhere. Well I have this shower curtain, that i adore however Tim thinks its way to girly ( how an all white shower curtain can be too girlie I'll never know). Anyway he has been trying to convince me to get rid of it since we decided to redo the bathroom but I've been strong and keep telling him no. Well the other day on one of our many target trips he started looking at the shower curtains, and saying we had to replace it. After a complete emotion breakdown and me saying no again ( mind you I wasn't faking the tears, there is nothing about me acting looney that is fake unfortunately) we managed to walk out of the bathroom department shower curtainless.... Point... Shannon
#2 The bathroom line cutter
Come on now, lets get real, I'm preggo and my bladder is the size of a peanut. I can't wait in super long lines unless I want to "tinkle" ( practicing my "mommy speak") all over myself. Now its like some magic spell gets said and cute little old ladies, and anyone else in between me and the bathroom suddenly disappear, and I get to go to the front of the line. Its like monopoly " Proceed straight to Go and collect $200. Love it!
#3 Instant compliments
Yes, they may not be always directed at you exactly. But how nice is it to always get told how great you look. Some of the most common compliments " Your glowing", " Your hair looks amazing ( thank you horomones )" and my personal favorite " You don't look fat at all". It doesn't matter that these may be bold faced lies. I here them and I feel wonderful. So take them for what they're worth, someone trying to be nice.
#4 Pancakes and pickles for dinner, I think so....
Who can say they've never dreamed of eating something completely ridiculous for a meal. ( Icecream and pickles, chocolcate covered twinkies, mozzarella sticks and strawberry jam... don't knock it til you've tried it) Well now is the one time in your life you can do/eat exactly what you want, and nobody cares. No that doesn't mean your going to have crazy cravings and eat only that your entire pregnancy, but everyone goes thru phases. I personally was on a apple kick my entire 1st trimester.- Apple sauce, sliced apples, apple juice, apple flavored poptarts. It didn't matter, it just had to taste like apples. Its all I wanted to breakfast lunch and dinner, and nobody cared or even worse said the words nobody wants to hear " You know you shouldn't be eating that" On the rare occasion that it does just repeat after me... " I'm pregnant and hormonal, so back off" ( and if that doesn't work, see preggo perk #1)
You thought I was kidding about chocolate covered twinkies did you....
#5 * The most important if you ask me...* Your literally a super hero
Huh? Thats right I said it. You can officially refer to yourself as super women now. Why?? your growing a person!!!! How fricking cool is that? As much as pregnancy can be a bummer, it is so worth it every time you look at your magic belly and realize that there is a little human in there, that if it wasn't for you wouldn't be. It makes you feel like you can do no wrong, because i mean... ( let me say it again in case you missed it the first time) YOUR GROWING A PERSON!!!!!!
Yes pregnancy can be a rocky road, and yes you may come to despise almost every minute of it ( kinda like me) but it is worth it every time you feel movement, and everytime you look down you get to see what a blessing you've helped to create. I know there are more perks to being pregnant then the ones I've listed, but we'll save those for another post.
Until next time..........

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