Monday, June 27, 2011

Remodeling... oh joy :)

So Tim and I have been putting this off for weeks, and I finally decided enough was enough. Time to get the guest bathroom in order.  There wasn't anything wrong with it per say... well minus a little fire about a year ago thanks to a person who shall remain nameless lol ( kidding... kinda?) Anyway even tho we repainted the bathroom the same color after the fire it didn't look the same it was.... sloppy, and boring, and BLUE!  So we decided to tone it down and paint the walls grey. Add in some new decor (shower curtain... thats right Tim finally won that fight lol) towels and a shelf that has yet to be hung and it looks awesome.

Pre Fire
The shower curtain that Tim loved, and still to this day complains about being burnt to a crisp

Right after the fire. Same bathroom, just with a all white shower curtain and white and blue towels.


The finished product minus the new shelf that Tim will put up today for me :)

I'm overall very happy with it. Its just more masculine and grown up then I was going for, but I know I'll put that Shannon spin on it and it will look amazing when I'm done decorating.

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