Sunday, June 19, 2011

So how are you feeling today?

Seriously? How am I feeling today? How would you feel if you were swollen and tired, and cranky and completely exhausted.
Ok so I'm really not any of these things today, but I do despise that question. Tim and I were talking and it made me think of this very sweet lady that I work with. Said lady has only the best of intentions but every time I see her that is the first thing she asks me. Even if she had asked me a mere 12 hours before. "Shannon, how are you feeling today?" Of course I always answer with a smile and a simple " pretty well thanks" but man if only she knew what I wanted to say sometimes
1. "I feel like I'm carrying a bowling ball under my shirt"
2. "I feel like I am sick of people asking me a stupid question"
3. "I feel angry/happy/sad/tired/ annoyed, all at the same time."
4. "I feel like I swallowed a turkey"
5. "I feel like Muhammed Ali is now living in my stomach"
6. "I feel like I'm sick of peeing... excuse me, nature calls"
7. "I feel like I wish men could carry the baby instead"
8. "I feel like curling up in a ball and waking up in september"
9. "I feel like Ethan is using my bladder as a trampoline"
10. "I feel ....... sick of being pregnant!!!"
Of course these people have only the best of intentions, and don't mean any harm from it, but man is it annoying.
Some of my favorite other silly questions
" Shouldn't you have delivered him already "....... Answer- Do you think I'd be sitting here listening to you if I had already had him?
" I don't understand why you would want an epidural".... Answer- Because I have a crappy pain tolerance, and because I can!
"So your really pregnant?".... Answer- No I just enjoying throwing up and gaining weight that much
" Are you sure its not twins?".... Answer- This one doesn't even deserve and answer, you flip them off and walk away.

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