Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Someone stole my husband and won't give him back!

I mean it, he's gone, kidnapped, disappeared. Ok well maybe he is upstairs sleeping, but that doesn't mean we get to see each other anymore. Why?? Work is why.
Right now we are complete opposite schedules. I work days ( mostly) and he is working nights ( strictly) so even on a day like today that I'm off, he worked last night, so all is he going to do today is sleep until its time to get up and go back to work :( I am so thankful that Tim has a rewarding job, and that it helps keep a roof over our head, but darnit I want my husband back!!!! We may get to spend a total of 6 hours together in a week period, ( if we're lucky, its normally much less then that).
Has anyone seen this man??
Plus its getting to the point where this wacky schedule has us both on edge, so even when we are together we end up bickering because we're trying to play catch up and get stuff done that has been put off all week.
Case and point, we were both off on sunday ( thank the lord!) and had decided we would dedicate the day to getting Ethans room in order ( painting, putting together the furniture, decorating etc). Well he wakes up early, and goes to watch a movie. I wake up about a hour later ready to get started with our day when I hear my least favorite thing " But babe, its my day off, I want to relax" . Well no shit sherlock, don't you think I want to relax too, but stuff needs to get done, so get off your tush and lets go" Well that turns into " give me just a few minutes to finish this ,and then do this, and that and blah blah blah ( yes I know I should be fair, he's tired, but this is our ONE day to get stuff done)
So I say screw it, I'll go and run the errands alone, then we can do everything else when I get back. Well I'm leaving store number 1 ( michaels, I LOVE that store) and Tim calls and decided he's ready to start the day. I'm like ok cool I'll be back at the house in a second. Get back to the house and what does he wanna do....... go get lunch. WTF its 2 pm, I don't have time for the crap.
Short version of this story, nothing got done and our day together was wasted. When is the next day my husband won't be kidnapped by the navy? Next monday ( ie a week from now) Like I said... BOOOOO
Petty yes, but atleast I'm honest. These schedules will be great when Ethan is born ( kinda) because since we're working opposites, we don't think we'll have to do daycare, but these are the last few months I'll ever have alone with him again, and man to do I miss him.

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