Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things I've learned while being pregnant.

So there a some things that no matter how hard you try you just can't be avoided while your pregnant. What you may ask?

1. Stretch marks- If mother nature decides your going to have these then there is no amount of lotion, or cream, or praying that will stop it. I knew I would have them. I'm plus size and had a few small stretch marks before I got pregnant, so I knew it would take an act of God to prevent it... guess God had work important things to worry about like world hunger and world peace because my stomach looks like a road map :)

2. The inevitable belly grope- Yes I have posted a whole post on people groping your belly. It doesn't matter if you wear a sign that says " Touch my belly lose a hand" people are going to risk loosing a hand because pregnancy bellies are " just the cutest thing you've ever seen" As much as it sucks, just get use to it

3. People will forget your more then just a pregnant lady.- From the moment people find out your pregnant all of your other wonderful attributes will disappear. It doesn't matter if your a rocket scientist, or if you cured cancer. As of this moment you are pregnant and nothing more. People don't mean for it to come off as a bad thing, but pregnancy is so exciting so they can't help it.

4. Weight gain- Now I know nobody likes to gain weight, but this is one of the few times in your life that people will truely understand you looking alittle "fluffier". I mean your cooking a baby ( so to speak) You can't starve yourself.  But that doesn't mean you should eat nothing but ding-dongs and ho-hos for nine months. There isn't anything wrong with getting up and doing a little light exercise. Go to the pool and swim, go to the mall and do some shopping ( 2 birds 1 stone). The point is just do something.

5. Unwanted advice- Everyone and their mother ( especially their mother) will have some type of wisdom that they feel obligated to pass on to you. No you won't always agree with them but don't shun the idea just because its different then what you think you want. I mean baby isn't even here yet, so you can't knock it til you've tried it right?

6. You will be scared- Ok I don't know one person who has never been scared at some point of their pregnancy. "Will I be a good mom", " Will the baby be ok", " Will delivery be painful" ( seriously... watermelon thru a pen hole what do you think). Its ok to be scared. But don't bottle it in. Talk to someone, a doctor, your significant other, a family member or a friend. Just tell someone. Bottling it in will only make things worse. Its ok to be scared.

7. Every pregnancy is different- So what your cousins, friends, sister threw up for 9 months and only gained 10lbs, and never got a stretch mark, and was the happiest pregnant lady ever. Seriously... who cares. Each pregnancy is different. So don't feel like you have to compare everything your going thru to someone else, and if its not the same then "something must be wrong". If your that worried then talk to your doctor, thats what they're there for. But chances are your doctor will tell you your fine, and to relax. So take their advice, sit back and enjoy every moment on your pregnancy, it will over with before you know it and you'll be rewarded with the greatest gift ever... your baby.

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