Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tree Trunks and Skinny clothes...

Swelling..... boooooooo.

So I was at work yesterday, super busy day as usual and finally sat down only to notice tree trunks. Thats right, my calves were the size of tree trunks. Those suckers were huge. Of course my coworkers noticed them and yelled at me to sit down. Who has time to sit down when you work in a hospital??? Ummmm nobody thats who. Anyway I checked my bp, which was fine and decided I didn't have time to be lazy when there was work to be done.

Got home and showed my legs to Tim who was so sweet ( sarcasm here...) "Holy S***"   Well duh!
Needless to say a few hours of elevating my legs and I'm good as new. The only catch is I've realized that nothing fits when I'm swollen.

100% pure sexiness in my swollen tree trunks :)

What do I mean you may ask? Well I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans ( yes mom if your reading this.. you win, I gave in) Its like the dummies who make maternity clothes only give you extra fabric for your growing stomach, they forget the rest of you grows as well. Your butt, you calves, you arms, your thighs, you name it, it grows. So I literally can't squeeze my butt ( or calves in this case) into the stinking jeans. Who makes these clothes? Guys? Women who have decided to never have a child? I mean come on people use some common sense here. So today I went on a search for maternity clothes, and came home with nada ( well scratch that I got some cute stuff from Ethan, but it looks like his mom is gonna wear a garbage bag all summer)

I'm a plus size girl, nothing about me is small, not my shape and not my ego. But wow is it crappy to walk into a store that doesn't carry anything that fits my chunky tush. 4 maternity stores later and some advice to go to Lane Bryant ( here is a thought... fu) I got nothing. I mean unfortunately many americans are overweight, so how come nobody accomodates? I mean yeah I know I need to lose weight, and plan on doing so. But right now I'm stuck this way so it would be nice to find something that would fit. I mean is it to much to ask for a cute or stylish maternity outfit. One that doesn't have mickey mouse on a tshirt, and mom jeans? ( did you ever notice how many cartoon characters are on plus size shirts.... just saying)

Or I could go and do everyone elses other idea and order online. I wanna see a skinny preggo lady order all her clothes online. Yeah right! Nobody in their right mind would order their entire wardrobe offline, so why should I?

I guess I should be thankful I'm preggo during the summer, atleast there are always skirts and sundresses :)

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  1. hey mama! hope you are feeling better! swelling is the WORST!!


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