Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 29

So I know I said I would do this on mondays, but Charlies death kinda threw my week off, so I am posting my week 29 info today :)

So here I am in all my 29 week glory. Don't judge the short shorts, its hot, I'm pregnant, enough said.  On a side note I feel like I must have ate some miracle grow because my stomach looks huge compared to last week!!!

Your Baby:
  • Is big and strong enough to resemble a sinister alien thrashing around your abdomen, as my husband kindly pointed out recently, upon noticing a rouge pointy elbow jabbing up and down around my belly button.
  • Is sucking up every drop of calcium you can provide as his or her bones continue to harden and become more…uh…bone-like.
  • Might start noticing a resurgence of first-trimester-type symptoms like heartburn and other gastrointestinal issues. Things are getting a BIT crowded in there, and the lack of room means slower digestion and more gas and constipation and woe.
  • Are gaining weight. I don’t know or care to look up what the “recommended” amount is at this stage, but most likely you are starting to notice a steady upward movement of that little thingie on your doctor’s scale. If you’ve been using pregnancy as a dietary sweet tooth free-for-all, now might be a good time to start reining it in and focusing on healthy foods and portions instead of “BABY NEEDS CAKE AND A TUB OF FROSTING ON THE SIDE.”

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