Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Women

And great ways to reply to them/ what to think when someone says them

1. Your only _____ far along? Thats it?
     No reply needed, just "Bite Me"

2.Shouldn't you have had that kid by now??
       Do you think I would be sitting here talking to you if I had?

3. Oh your having a boy? Your going to have your hands full
         So what boys aren't as cool as girls? My son will be born awesome, just you wait

4. Let me tell you my horrible tramatic birth story.
       I'm already freaking out, why would I want to hear about you pushing a 10lb baby out of your who ha? I mean really?? Really????

5. Wow your waddling... how cute -
        Waddling isn't cute... Ever! Unless you're a duck, then its cute.

6. Are you sure its ok to eat that?-
     Of course I'm going to eat this! I'm not nauseous for once, so if I want ____insert whatever food here_____ then I am going to eat it!

7. You don't look like you've gained a pound
    Great they thought you were "fluffy" before pregnancy

8. You sure have a big baby in there
              Now your just extra fluffy... great :(

9.Your breast feeding right? I mean breast is best ( insert snarky look here)
         I'm going to do what I feel is right for my child and for me, your opinion isn't needed!

10. Enjoy being pregnant while you can, once the baby comes its a whole different ball game
        This is a marathon, not a sprint, the whole point of being pregnant is to have a baby, why wouldn't I want that part to come??

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