Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Week older, alittle bit bigger

So yes I know I already posted me OMG I'm having a baby post, but I thought I'd do a real update today as well just for the fun of it.

How far along? 33 Weeks ( holy canoli!)
Total weight gain/loss: Not a chance in hell you'll know that, lets just say I gained, and gained, and gained
Stretch marks? As my loving husband keeps telling Ethan thru my stomach " stop making your mommys belly look like a road map" Thanks hun :/
Sleep: Better then it has been, but only if I sleep with atleast 6 pillows
Best moment this week: My appointment when I found out he's not measuring ahead anymore
Movement:I don't think this kid sleeps... Ever!.
Food cravings: Ice pops ( you know the ones that you buy, freeze, then cut the top off and eat
Labor Signs: A couple braxton hicks but thats it
Belly Button in or out? Somewhere in the middle, I dont' think it can pop b/c of scar tissue
What I miss: Not being tired after a small walk
What I am looking forward to: Shopping without having to stop and rest
Weekly Wisdom: Things work themselves out, all you have to do is relax
Milestones: I think my belly is finally "dropping" Woo Hoo!!

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