Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Fido Ready

Ok so our dogs name isn't fido- actually their names are Lucy and Olivia, and Tim and I have decided we really need to make sure they're ready for Ethan to come home. After all dogs are a boys best friend, and thats what I would love these 2 knuckle headed dogs to turn into, but we still know we need to be careful

I've read tons of articles about " you can never fully trust a dog, blah blah blah" and as much as I wish I didn't believe it I know its right. Dogs can have an off day just like anyone else, and I don't want to become another stereotype or another newspaper article about dogs going bonkers on a kid. Therefor I've decided its time to whip these to into shape ( figuratively of course)

First things first- Boundries, dogs need boundries and mine are no exception. They know something is going on, with all the hussle and bussle around here lately and because of it have been acting out ( peeing in the house, trying to pick fights with other dogs etc). So we've had to be more firm then ever with them, but I think they finally get it. " This crap is not ok!!"

Second we don't want to feel like we're going to have to keep Ethan secluded in his nursery and keep the dogs out, so we have been letting them in there as much as they want with one rule. The nursery is a "quiet zone" no doggie rough housing, no barking in there, no running amuck ( I've always loved that word... amuck lol). They know if they are in there they have to be chill, lay down and relax. So far so good.


Third we plan on introducing some "ethan smells" to the dogs before we actually bring them home. I've heard it works, and what the hay, its worth a try. I figure once Ethan is born Tim will need to run by the house to feed the lovely monsters anyway, so why not take baby blanket, or onsie, or something that has Ethans scent on it.

Forth, I know dogs are mans best friend, but I am not planning on being stupid enough to leave the dogs alone with a baby. You never know what could happen, accident or not. Even something as running and playing could hurt my little man, and if that happens I know a dog ( or 2) who will be in huge trouble.

So yep, thats my plan. Don't know if it'll work but I'm sure going to try. Those to crazy pooches are basically my other kids, so just like with humans, you have to make sure they're adjusted... Right?

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