Friday, July 29, 2011

Pregnancy in review

So I've seen blogs that post reviews, and decided why not.. I'm opinionated enough, I can totally do that.

So here we go, some of my favorite and least favorite products for pregnancy

 Things I love

Motherhood Maternity Jeans- Yes I know I swore off maternity clothes, but I gave in and bought a pair and realized these are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. Seriously! I use to come home and throw on sweats as soon as I could to get out of my other maternity jeans, but these are so comfy that I don't mind sitting in them all day and not looking like a bum. Thumbs up

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy- Favorite book throughout my entire pregnancy.  Its funny, honest and doesn't give you a bunch of mumbo jumbo that you could care less about. Just what I needed

Crocs and Old Navy Flip Flops-  The 2 types of shoes that have not let me down this pregnancy. I can wear them every day and never have to worry about if my feet will fit.  I wear my crocs to work and my flip flops the rest of the time... perfect

Fit Pregnancy Magazine- Articles I actually care about, that don't bore me to death... Winner!

Maternity support belt- Win!!  I have a slipped disk in my lower back that I've been dealing with since 2009. Well I wear this handy dandy belt and not only does it help support my stomach, but my back feels amazing!

Things I hate....

Compression socks- So all the maternity books say "wear compression socks to help with swelling". Here's what I say... They're wrong!! Compression socks don't stop swelling, and they cut into you at the top where the sock ends. What does work are ace wraps. No not the most attractive look, but it helps! Wrap your legs before you get up in the am, and no swelling all day!! Trust me I do this every morning before work, and come home to edema free legs:)

Target Maternity Jeans- I originally gave in and bought these because I was on the anti maternity wear kick and wanted something cheap. So I put them on and sucked it up that the crotch was super low and it looked like I was sagging, that when my calves swell the jeans cut off circulation, and that the back pockets are so low that they sit on my thighs, not my tush.  I'm sure its just my body type that made them uncomfortable, but I guess you get what you pay for.

What to Expect When Your Expecting- Pick your jaw up from the floor and hear me out. Its not a bad book, but its not my type of book. I need something that can keep me interested and that is one book that was a total snooze fest. Its long and wordy and blah... not my cup of tea

Cocobutter stretch mark lotion/cream/ etc- Huge dislike. Yes I know I've already admitted that your body will get the pesky little marks whether you want them or not, but it does promise to help decrease the appearance of the ones you get. It doesn't at all. Even my old stretch marks still look the same. Plus ( and probably the worse part). It stinks!!!!! Horrible horrible smell.

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