Friday, July 22, 2011

Things have a way of working themselves out :)

So where to begin? Well Tim and I had one heck of a weekend last weekend. A impromtu trip to Michigan for a baby shower in our honor. ( Thanks Rose for hosting!!) It was nice to get away for a little while and see family we hadn't seen in a while. I even went to the doc right before our flight to Detroit to make sure I was safe to fly. She gave me a thumbs up and away we went.

Speaking of my blood pressure I had a follow up appointment today, and its finally back to normal! Trust me excitment is a complete understatement. I have been so scared that it wouldn't come down and I would either 1. have to go on blood pressure meds, or 2. be put on bedrest or 3. Cut my hours back at work. None of which are really a good option for me right now. I plan on working up until my due date( or whenever I go into labor, whichever happens first). I enjoy my job and would be bored out of my mind sitting at home "relaxing". There isn't time to relax in my crazy life, I know it and I'm use to it.

Oh speaking of little man, his growth spurt has finally slowed down! No more nightmares about pushing a 16lb baby out of myself ( thanks lady in texas....)  He is for the first time in months measure on time, not early, not late. Just good ole fashion on time.  It was such a relief to hear that today I nearly cried, you don't understand, the thought of a huge baby coming out of my... well ya know... scares me half to death! Its just not an option in my opinion.

Now I get to sit back and just enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. I have 2 baby showers next week and after that its going to be time to really buckle down and finish doing last minute stuff before little man gets here. 2 months and counting!!!

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