Thursday, July 7, 2011

What the heck happened to my legs

So just a quick post since I have a little free time. Aubrey is here this week and thus far we are having a blast, well except for one big thing....... My legs!!! They are huge. I don't mean regular pregnancy edema, I mean jeans cutting off circulation swelling.

Tim, Aubrey and I spent yesterday in washington dc. I was pushing thru without any major problems when I decide it was time for a break. We all sit at a fountain outside of the American history museum and Aubrey and I decide to put our feet in the water ( whatever, do judge it was hot out!). Anyway I try to roll my jeans up and I found two things.

1. My calves are too swollen to roll my jeans all the way up.
2 my calves have developed this freaky/ scary rash on them.

I think " oh great a heat rash, just my luck. Well I get home last night, go change for bed and this is what I now see..... That is NOT a heat rash! Don't have a clue what it is, but I know it's not a heat rash. It was 3am and I said screw it, I will wait until the am to deal with this. It wasn't/ isn't painful exactly, but it burns, especially when it's being touched/ touching something. Well I wake up this am and decide it still looked scary and I needed to get it checked out. Of course my pcp was packed and couldn't fit me in so I decided this was definitely urgent enough for an urgent care visit.

So we head to urgent care and the doctor looked as dumb founded as I did. At first she thought maybe pre eclampsia well my labs were normal, as was my bp. So then she though my platelets ( part of the blood thy causes clotting) were low and I was bleeding into my legs. Well nope platelets are normal. My labs make me look perfect as a horse. So she comes to one conclusion, my legs literally dont have any room left to swell and the capillaries are bursting, thus causing the discoloration/ rash.

Wtf!! I still have two months left of this, I can have reached my maximum with swelling already. So yep she said to take it easy and stay off my feet to help the swelling go down, and the rash should eventually go away on it's own. I certainly hope so, this rash is creepy it and people stare when I am not wearing pants :(. I guess we will see how things look in a few days.

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  1. Oh no! I'm glad nothing major is going on, hope you get to rest and get some relief soon!


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