Monday, July 11, 2011

What a week!

So Aubrey was here last week and boy did we have a blast!!! Tim picked her up in Kentucky last sunday, 7/3 and made the long drive back to VA right afterwards.

We started the week out with dinner with my family. Texas Roadhouse= Yummy!!! I love that place!
Everyone had a great time, and my family was so glad they finally were able to meet Aubrey ( yep, their first time meeting her).

Monday I worked, which stunk majorly since it was July 4th, but luckily I work with an awesome group of girls and we had a blast.  Tim and Aubrey spent the day at Busch Gardens ( aubreys first time there) and seemed like they had a good time. Unfortunately it started raining that afternoon so all the fireworks in the area were rained out... oh well :/

Tueday was our busy day spent in washington dc. Definitely a blast! We saw pretty much everything we could, in only a few hours. - Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, White House, Ford Theater,  Holocost Museum, and a few other places. All in 1 day!!  No wonder my legs were super swollen huh?

Wed was a blast, and much more low key. After my trip to urgent care about my legs we spent the day in the OBX ( outerbanks of NC). Home sweet home for me. Once again it rain on our parade, but we still managed to have a blast looking for wild horse in corolla, going to the lighthouse, then relaxing on the beach acting silly

Thursday was Water Country USA. As long as Tim and I have lived in the area, neither of us had ever been there. We had a blast, even with all the walking I had a good time lounging in the lazy river and wave pool. We ended up having to call it a day early because Tim was getting super sunburnt.

Friday I had a doctors appointment. That was a blast as always- Showed the doctor my legs, she didn't have a clue what was going on. Still measuring 2 weeks ahead. Oh and I got fussed at because I didn't go to the ER after falling off a ladder last week. Same stuff different day ;)  After that we spent some time down at the beach, then I went home and got some sleep because I had to work that night.

Saturday was probably my favorite day.  We had scheduled a surprise 4D ultrasound so Aubrey could be with us and see her brother. It was amazing watching him on the screen. We also learned a few very interesting things. 1- Ethan is a chubby thing, already weighing about 4lbs 4oz ( give or take of course) and is already about 16" long. He's a little fluffy like his mommy lol.  2- He is frank breech, so hopefully he will stop be so stubborn and flip himself the right way so I can avoid a c-section. and 3. he has the chubbiest cheeks ever, and a head full of hair! I'm definitely in love already.

Later saturday Aubrey and I had a little girl time and went to get our nails done. Then the 3 of us went to the Tim McGraw concert here in town. That man can put on a show. He had a broken foot, but was still my favorite concert I've seen this year so far. Luke Bryan was his opening act, and that guy is FUNNY!!!!!!! Definitely a blast.

Sunday we spent the day traveling to get Aubrey back to KY on time. Talk about a long day. 20 hours in a car, almost nonstop ( well except for the many bathroom breaks I needed to take lol)

Long car rides are definitely not my friend, my legs were probably the most swollen I have ever seen them, and even with elevating my legs all night, they're still super swollen this morning. Oh well, what can ya do?

All in all a wonderful week. I'm definitely tired, but would do it all again in a heart beat.

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