Monday, August 15, 2011

36 Weeks

My belly button finally popped!!

36 weeks! Almost full term, and almost at the end of this wonderful marathon called pregnancy!  My doctor actually told me at my last appointment that if I made it to this week and he decided to come early ( which we have been thinking may happen) then she won't try to stop my labor!

 So its official, even though I'm not full term he can actually make his appearance any time now. That doesn't mean I am ready for him.... well kinda. I am ready because I'm sick of being pregnant, but with him in my belly I know he is safe, and doesn't have to start dealing with the craziness of the world.

  On a side note he finally found my ribs, and wow do I almost wish he hadn't. The good part is atleast his feet are finally where they need to be ( we hope) bad news is it HURTS!!! I literally just sat around last night crying because I couldn't take the pain anymore. Tim of course worried that it was something more and convinced me to call the doctor, who just confirmed that it sounded like he was jabbing my ribs, and I should just try to ride it out. 6 hours later and I decided it was time to give up and lay down. I don't know how long I laid there, but I finally fell asleep and woke up feeling much better ( not 100%, but better then last night).

How far along? 36 weeks!!
Total weight gain/loss: Way more then I want to admit.. I'm hoping lots of it is water
Stretch marks? Yep but vitamin E oil definitely is helping them not look as "angry"
Sleep: Not to bad
Best moment this week: Making it thru 3 days of work without my blood pressure skyrocketing
Movement: Oh yeah, he found my ribs this week
Food cravings: I'm almost out of ice pops again.. guess its time to run to sams club
Labor Signs: I had some braxton hicks a few nights ago that lasted about 2 hours, but thats it
Belly Button in or out? Definitely out
What I miss: Nothing that I can think of actually :)
What I am looking forward to:  My birthday is this week!
Weekly Wisdom:  From my husband " Its only stupid if you don't call the doctor and then something is actually going on"  ( it regards to me refusing to call about some pain I was having a few days ago)
Milestones:Ethan found my ribs hopefully that means he is laying the right way now.

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