Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And so it continues

The blood pressure yo yo.  I'm still on modified bed rest, and to the relief of the doctors have honestly been taking it easy recently. I'm just to tired to fight it anymore, and laying on the couch reading is exactly what I want to do lately, so its working out well.

Before my appointment, making silly faces, but feeling great!

Sunday I was feeling alittle funny, and had Tim check my BP... Normal. Which is such a rare thing for me anymore.  Yesterday I headed for my weekly checkup and NST it such great spirits. I felt good, I did my hair, did my makeup, I KNEW it was going to be a good appointment.  So we do the NST and it came back normal. Woo Hoo, half way thru. 

But then came my actual check up.

Urine sample give- negative for protein! Awesome
Weight- 7 lb weight gain in 6 days, what in the world!
Blood pressure checked- 146/98. Seriously!! How can this be, I feel good, my blood pressure was good previously, it can't be right!

So I wait for the doctor in the exam room and I could see it written all over her face when she walked in, this was going to be one of those appointments.  It went alittle something like this
Dr- Soooooo your bp is high, and thats a lot of weight gain
Me- Yep, same stuff different day, now what do we do to fix it
Dr- I'm thinking you need to go next door and if it doesn't come down I think its time we think about inducing you earlier then planned
Me- 0_0  Huh!
Dr- Lets not jump ahead, lets check and see if your dilating yet, then we'll recheck your bp

So long story short I'm still not dilating. At all!  Which makes this whole lets induce Shannon thing much more complicated then we had hoped.  So the doctor leaves the room, I lay on my side and the nurse checks my bp again 142/98.  The nurse tells her and I get that look... I know that look, I've seen that look way too much lately, its the " hope you don't have plans because I'm sending you to L&D" look.  But this look also comes with something new. " Shannon if they don't get your BP to come down tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if they induce you tonight"  Yep she said they might induce me. While I was smiling on the outside, on the inside I was thinking " Oh Shit, am I ready for this??"

So I leave the office, call Tim and tell him whats going on. I let him know about the chance of induction, but that its still a small chance, because my blood pressure always tends to come down.
Get to L&D, get checked in, and head to the room. By now I'm annoyed. I don't want to be here, I want to be at home, asleep. And so I did the worse thing possible... I pulled the " I'm a nurse card"  Not intentionally I was just venting and next thing you know there it was... " By the way I'm a nurse" ugh! Why do I do that. Everyone knows that nurses make the worst patients, and I am living proof of that.  The L&D nurse thought I was hilarious with venting so she didn't mind at all, but I did promise to be on my best behavior regardless.

So I give another urine sample, get hooked up to the machines and guess what... my blood pressure is already starting to come down. Go figure. 3 hours, and a million BP's later  my blood pressure is continuing to trend back down to normal. But now there is a new issue.  That urine sample I gave them came back POSITIVE for protein!!! What in the world. Now it was bp normal, but protein? I can't win for losing.  Labs were drawn, and came back looking normal. I was completely bewildered.

Tim had arrived to the hospital at this point and was just as confused as me. " Maybe they will just induce you anyway, get this over with".  Luckily it was my favorite doctor in the practice on, so we still had alittle hope.  And then things got weirder, BP machine starts, I look at the monitor and see 150/86. WHAT!!!! I hadn't moved, I was calm, how was my BP doing this again!

In walks Dr K with a smile on her face, my heart starts pounding, and then I hear " I don't know what to do with you...  you BP is normal now, but you have a small amount of protein in your urine".

Me- Ummm Dr K, my bp isn't normal anymore, look
Dr K- What in the world. OK well lets recheck it

3 checks later and it was holding steady in the 150s.

But then she said it... " I still don't think we can induce you tonight" . Her reasoning made sense, but it still was hard to here. My cervix wasn't dilating like they need, which means it would be a long, long induction process. My BP, although high, wasn't really that abnormal for me, and even though I had protein in my urine, it wasn't enough to cause concern yet.  3 almosts, but not enough of any to do the induction. 

She did offer to keep me as an observation, but we both agreed that it would probably lead to the same conclusion... It just wasn't time yet.

I just can't win for losing...

So off I go, with another 24 hour urine collection, in hopes that if my body is starting to spill protein then this will show it and we can finally do my induction.  The good news is that Ethan was super active, and has a strong heart beat. Bad news is we don't really know whats next. If this 24 hour urine comes back abnormal, they may induce me before the weekend. If not, we wait until next week.
The original plan was to schedule my induction yesterday and have everything ready. But now that things are up in the air my induction hasn't even been scheduled, so there isn't a guarantee we will get to do it next monday.

I feel like I should be mad, or sad, or something. But I've done this yo yo for so long that I'm indifferent. I know Ethan will come when its time, until then I'm just going to sit back and wait.

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