Saturday, August 20, 2011

Curse of the Nurse....

So thats apparently what labor and delivery nurses call a nurses pregnancy that goes all wacky. Like murphys law for nurses... what can go wrong will.

So what am I talking about you may ask?  Well as if things couldn't get weirder with my pregnancy they have.  Of course I already mentioned what happened on my birthday with the doctors appointment.  The next day I went and had my ultrasound, which showed Ethan was measuring 3 weeks ahead, not 4. Good news I guess. Plus I was able to see the very cute chubby face that had been turning my body into a circus...<3  Anyway, no issues on the ultrasound, fluid levels are normal, no abnormalities, just a big baby.

My adorable chubby cheeked trouble maker :)

Friday comes and I had to get off work early to go to my bp check/ follow up. I was expecting a quick in and out, ya know... walk in bp is back to normal and then I get sent home. No such luck. My blood pressure was checked 4 times about 15 minutes apart, each time it was high. So the doctor came in and said " I know you don't want to, but I really want you to head to the hospital because of your BP and your headache". So off I go, huffing and puffing, and cussing the entire way. I hate the thought of going to the hospital when I don't really feel like its necessary.   The doctor did give me some good news before I left her office though. 1- If the test they performed at the hospital come back wacky then they could induce me next week., 2- If the test come back normal then they will still probably induce me by 39 weeks.  Bad news is that I'm on the verge of bed rest, and if things keep getting crazy thats where I would be.

So off to the hospital I go. My mom met me there because I didn't feel like sitting in L&D by myself for who knew how long. We walk in and I get connected to every monitor under the sun, labs drawn, urine sample sent, etc. And I wait.... and wait, and wait. By then Tim shows up, even though I told him it wasn't urgent, just a precaution and he could stay at work, but he said there is no way he'd let me deal with this again without him there. <3   So I'm sitting there getting a nonstress test, waiting to talk to the doctor, having my blood pressure checked every 15 minutes and guess what.... My BP is normal again!  Still alittle high for me, but nowhere near where it normally is. What in the world!

Don't I look just thrilled to be there??

So 3 hours later the nurse practitioner comes in and says " so, ya ready to go home yet?" Well duh!! I of course felt like the whole thing was a waste of my time, and I shouldn't have been sent to begin with. But then she said the 2 words I had been avoiding for weeks... Bed Rest.  Her exact words were something like " looks like your going on modified bed rest".

No No No! This isn't an option right now. My bp was fine, and I was still getting put on bed rest. I had already missed the afternoon at work, I had already been made to call out for today because they thought they were going to keep me longer at the hospital, and now they're saying bed rest? Not happening!  So I plead my case and finally she gave in to a compromise. I'm a nurse, I have access to getting my blood pressure checked at work, and swore to her ( a promise which I will definitely keep) that I will check my bp routinely at work if she would just give me permission to go. I can't sit at home doing nothing for the next 3 weeks. Work is the one distraction I have right now and I can't give it up, atleast not without a fight. Plus I feel FINE! So she told me that I have to be on modified bed rest for the weekend at home, and she will let me go to work on monday, with the one condition that I check my bp atleast twice while I am work to document for my next follow up on tuesday. Then tuesday we reevaluate and see if I can continue to work or if I'm done.  Fair enough, she is giving me one chance to prove that I can work without my bp skyrocketing and I will take it.

I know people will think I'm crazy for even wanting this, but you don't understand. I CAN'T just sit at home for the next 3 weeks, I'll go crazy! The doctors are on board with this, and I'm not doing anything to risk mine or Ethans health.  If I work on monday and by the end of the day my blood pressure is high, then I'll throw in the towel and admit defeat. Chances are work is gonna be "concerned" that I did this, but like I said the doctors are on board, Tim is on board, and I am on board.

The doctors don't believe I will develop Pre-E, but they do say I definitely have pregnancy induced hypertension. There isn't anything can be done to stop it, and the only cure is delivering the baby, but then again they won't induce me before 39 weeks. So now we wait, see if I can be kept off permanent bed rest, and make it until 39 weeks without any more mishaps.

So here I lay at home on the couch watching who knows what on tv, goofing off on my computer, and collecting stuff for one last lab (24 hour urine collection).  Its going to be a long weekend but Ethan is definitely worth it.

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