Sunday, August 7, 2011

Looking Back

Wow, has time flown by and we are nearly there. Ethan will be here soon and our lives will be forever changed for the better. So I've decided I am sick of being so cynical, and need a up beat, fun loving crazy post to cheer myself ( and you guys if you have been trudging thru this gloominess I've had lately with me)

And so..........

First Trimester
So you hear all the stories about how perfect "finding out" goes... Well mine went alittle more like this

Cleaning underneath the bathroom sink I found a test... figured no point in throwing it away so why not just see, for the fun of it ** Because after all there was no way I was pregnant**
Me-" OMG!! is that 2 lines?, omg omg omg"
"Tim wake up!! Tim Tim Tim!!!!"
Tim- WHAT!!!!, jeez I'm sleeping over here
Me-" I took a pregnancy test, it has 2 lines"
Tim " What does that mean"
Me-" I'm pregnant you dummy!"
Tim" yeah right go take another one"
3 test later he finally walks downstairs to find me staring at a bunch of pink lines, to which he smiles, walks back upstairs and does a little leprechaun jump ( thinking I didn't see of course)

And of course

THE ultrasound, you know the one that confirms your fear/joy/doubt/and disbelief
Ethan in all of is peanut shaped glory

Second Trimester
The first belly photo, I refused to take them until I was actually showing and finally gave in at the request of a dear friend

And so the decorating begins....

Third Trimester

The rash chronicles ( yes its a favorite part, but it makes this so typical of my life....)

Look at those cankles...
So I hated being swollen and I hated having crazy blood pressure, but I love that I'll have memories that will last for years.

My little chubby monkey
4D ultrasounds, money well spent....
Its hard to believe that journey is coming to an end, and in a few weeks that chubby cheeked little guy who has drove me crazy, yet made me fall in love will be here......

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