Monday, August 22, 2011

Operation Evict Ethan

Thats right, operation evict Ethan has started, and so far he is totally winning this.

37 Weeks looks good on me... or so I think

37 weeks today means full term, and to me means time to get him packing his bags.

So when I woke up this morning I woke up with a mission. I was suppose to work today but was put on call, so my original plan of walking there stairs at work was a no go, so then I googled, and googled, and googled. And stumbled across the top 40 ways to naturally induce labor.

So I woke Tim up and told him that today we are on a mission. At first he was hesitiant, but then he jumped right on board when he realized that would mean a massage and Olive Garden.

Right now its a battle of the wills, and to be honest Ethan apparently has more will power then I do because I haven't even felt a twinge, much less a contraction, but I'm not quitter so we will see......

Bring it on!
And the top 40 ways to induce labor are.....
1. Acupressure - this one I plan on trying later when I get a massage, I'll get back to you on that
2. Balsamic Vinegar - Thank you Olive Garden for the yummy lunch, but thats all I got...
3. Basil -I loaded my lunch with it, but saw nothing
4. Black/Blue Cohosh
5. Borage seed oil
6. Bouncing on birth/exercise ball I've been bouncing all day... no luck
7. Bumpy car ride Tim was flying over speed bumps and all I got was a headache
8. Castor Oil I'm kinda of afraid to try this one, I have heard if it works the contractions start out BAD and never slow down....
9. Chinese food Yuck!
10. Clary sage oil
11. Dancing I've been boot scooting and boogying all day!
12. Eggplant - Once again... yuck!
13. Evening primrose oil
14. Galloping I haven't ruled out looking stupid, just haven't done it yet
15. Glass of Wine I'm debating this one with dinner, we're having more pasta lathered in basal and oregano lol
16. Golden seal
17. Kneeling on all fours I looked like a dog, but thats its
18. Licorice I seriously ate a bag of jelly beans... nothing
19. Mandarin oil on heels
20. Massage - This one I'm excited about, so we will see
21. Motherwort
22. Nipple stimulation - I heard that this can be more danger then its worth, so I think I'll pass for now
23. Oregano Yummy on pasta, does nothing for pregnancy
24. Orgasm
25. Pineapple Delish snack, but that was it
26. Quinine Seltzer water anyone?
27. Raspberry leaf
28. Relaxation excercise If you have learned anything, its that I don't relax....ever
29. Sperm
30.Spicy food I sat and at spicy peppers whole, not even a twinge of a contraction
31. Squats -Great workout, not great at inducing labor
32. Squaw Vine
33. Stretch and sweep of membranes
34. Swimming
35. Swinging on a swing -
36. Thyme Tea
37. Visualisation excercises-  Ha ha yeah right....
38. Walking Not just walking, power walking, I was exhausted but thats it
39. Walking up/down stairs I think burned a hole in my stairs today
40. Yoga -

So the moral of this story is that I need to learn to be patient.... Or I need to find a different list of stuff because this one just isn't cutting it ;)

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