Friday, August 5, 2011

PIH and the case of the disappearing Shannon....

So its official, Ethan is slowly wrecking my body. I have been dealing with this blood pressure issue on and off for weeks, and it finally came to a head this week. I am getting so swollen that I can't walk, can't work a full shift at work, and can't go without my bp spiking.

Wed. at work I got sent home early because of my high blood pressure. My doc knew about it and was comfortable with me staying at work, but work wasn't comfortable having me there, so they sent me home to rest.

Well friday comes and I go to the doc for my regular appointment which I pretty much just laid my thoughts out on the line in between my tears. I hate this. I hate feeling like an invalid, I hate feeling like I can't do my job anymore, I hate not feeling like myself anymore. I am more then a pregnant lady, but all I can focus on is this pregnancy because of the complications related to my blood pressure.

Once again no protein in my urine ( which is a good thing) so that means I don't have preeclampsia. What I do have they're simply calling pregnancy induced hypertension ( PIH). Basically a precursor to preeclampsia. Great!!  It doesn't mean I'll develop Pre-E, but it does mean its a risk. So what do we do to fix this you might ask?? Nothing! There isnt anything that can be done. "Take it easy, plenty of rest" blah blah blah. Its not really an option for me right now. I asked the doc point blank " do I need to cut back my hours?" Her response was as long as I'm only working 3 days a week and think I can handle it then I'm ok. Its not bad enough to reduce my hours yet ( although its something that may need to happen in the future.) 

So yeah there is no miracle drug, no simple fix to nothing that will help. Rest will make it more tolerable, but the only cure is delivering this baby. Which isn't an option because my doctor said I'm stable so I can't be induced early ( except for maybe a week at the most). Its cool, I can handle this, I just hate not feeling like myself. I know that Ethan is worth every ache, every pain, everything that I'm going through but I'm emotionally drained from it and I'm ready for feel like something other then the "preggo lady".

I see photos of my friends and family out enjoying summer and I get so envious. Man what I would do for a beer and a baseball game right now. But no traveling, no beer, and no being out in the heat for too long, no feeling like myself. Can it just be september so I can be me again( well a more improved much cooler, mommy version of myself atleast? )

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