Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is what happens..

When you have nothing left to do but wait....

I have found myself acting "kooky" lately. Like bored out of my mind, getting impatient kooky"  Well I was sitting here messing with my computer trying to figure out how to get the built in camera to work and finally figured it out, so I decided to take a few photos so you can see what my days pretty much consist of now ( because I have nothing better to do right now).

 All I do is sit at the computer and eat freeze pops... all day!!

Dear Ethan, your mommy is going crazy.... please hurry up

And a belly shot just for the fun of it

So what else do I plan on doing for the last 4 weeks before my son is born..... Lets see

eat freeze pops
eat freeze pops
eat freeze pops

Thats it I have nothing..... just my freeze pops to keep me company!

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