Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big News plus a little earth quake

 I spent the last 5 hours at the doctors office and have felt pretty much every emotion imaginable. 

 Still not dilating, at all... like zelich, nadda, not happening! Frustration is a total understatement. But I am 40% effaced, so I figure I'll try to stay calm and wait for my body to do what it should. Of course Ethan isn't helping much according to the doctor because he is still so far up he isn't putting much pressure like I need on my cervix. Thank you Ethan........

And today the doctor finally put her foot down. No more work. Yes she knows my bp is high regardless but she feels like its better to be safe then sorry. She did give me permission to finish this week up at work, but after that I'm cut off until after maternity leave. I tried to talk her out of it, and she even spoke to one of the other doctors to get a second opinion, but the answer didn't change. Fair enough I tried. So I get to work this week and then I'll be hanging out at home " taking it easy". Obviously the doctor doesn't know how hard that is for me, I have to keep moving, doing something, not sitting at home relaxing. Of course I hear " you'll wish you had time to relax after the baby is born" Yeah maybe, but if I don't get my to do list done before he is born I won't be relaxing anyway.

The good news I recieved today almost made everything else not matter. I'm being induced. Next week at my follow up I set up my induction, so it looks like Ethan will definitely be born on or around labor day.. ( as in I'll be in labor all day lol). 

So now I have to go to the doctor twice a week for non stress test and weekly ultrasounds. Definitely not ideal, but totally worth it. Plus it gave me a way to count up to induction day ( 3 more appointments to go woo hoo!!).

In other news Ethan and I both felt our first earth quake. Thats right an earth quake in Virginia. I was sitting there doing a NST and thought Ethan was going nuts because of all the movement, then I realized it wasn't just my stomach moving but my whole body. I looked at Tim and was like " do you feel that?" He said yes and we both panic. He ran to find out what was going on followed by a nurse who instantly unstrapped me from the machine and we ran to wait with everyone else while we decided what to do.  The earth quake only lasted maybe 15 seconds or so, but wow it was weird. I've been in hurricanes, tornados, the works, but never a earth quake. Definitely a good story for Ethans baby book.

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