Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood- Travel Edition

What a weekend!  We did our first road trip as a family this weekend to go to Kentucky so Ethan could meet his big sister Aubrey :) So it was a long trip to say the least but we made the best of it.  We left friday afternoon in the middle of a thunderstorm and were stuck in traffic for the first 2 hours of the trip.  Now luckily Ethan loves car rides and falls right asleep but that doesn't mean he stays asleep. So of course right after we started actually making up for some lost time we had a screaming baby who was ready to eat and be changed. 

 Ok we can do this, we can totally do this. So we pull over and I jump in the back seat to get to work, diaper- check, bottle-check, burped-check, a little cuddling-check. Back in the car seat- no check. He was screaming and screaming. Apparently he had enough of the road trip.  After about 20 minutes he calmed back down and went to sleep, so Tim and I decided to go ahead and get dinner- mexican my favorite. And then Ethan woke up and the screaming continued.  Tim ended up trying to hold and console him the entire meal. 

Back on the road came the fun part. Remember how Ethan refuses to latch, so I have to pump and feed. Yeah well there is no way to possibly make it on a 9 hour road trip without pumping so I devised a plan. I luckily have a nursing cover that I unfortunately will never be able to use so out came the cover, out came the pump, and out came the car adaptor. Yep thats right my low moment thus far as a mom, having to pump while sitting in the passanger seat of my car.  Did it work? Yes, was I super paranoid I would accidently flash other cars? Most definitely.  The one upside other then not feeling like I had 2 water balloons about to burst? We didn't have to stop and heat up frozen milk because I could just pump and give it directly to Ethan.

What 11 hours in a car ride does to me

The rest of the actual drive there was pretty uneventful except a 9 hour trip turning into a 11 hour trip. But I guess thats to be expected traveling with a child.

Tim and the kids

Saturday was spent doing alittle shopping at Old Navy and then we spent the afternoon with Aubrey and her boyfriend Scott with an amazing dinner at Outback ( with a screaming baby who insisted on being held the entire time again) and then bowling( and go figure in the loud bowling alley he slept...). Aubrey absolutely adored her brother, and even though he couldn't verbalize it I know Ethan loves his big sister.  Sunday we stopped by and saw Aubrey again before heading out and snapped a few photos of the kids together then got lunch. After that it was time to head back to Virginia.

Ethan and his big sister

The trip home wasn't as bad. Tim and I were both exhausted but other then that it went off without a hitch. Eat, sleep and poop was Ethans entire routine while mine was pump, feed baby, and sleep. Win win with an awesome weekend to boot.

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