Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breast is always best right??

Thats what people tell you from the minute they find out your pregnant. And if they find out your not breast feeding then they act like its the end of the world.

This is something we've been struggling with since Ethan was born. I wanted to breast feed, I believe the value of breast feeding outweighted formula. We tried immediately after Ethan was born, and he wouldn't latch. So we tried a few hours later, and still no success. A few hours after that same thing. The first 24 hours of my little guys life he only latched on for 20 minutes tops, even with the help of 2 nurses and a lactation consultant.  So the next day came, and so did a different LC. Still no luck. By the end of the day they had me pumping and syringe feeding because " bottles are bad... blah blah blah". Day 3, we should have this figured out by no, but no. 3rd LC comes and tried, but even after 2 hours and numerous tears from Ethan and I still no success. She keeps telling me he is just isn't coordinated, but he'll get it, keep trying. Meanwhile I feel like I'm starving my child. 

Next day we have our first pediatrican appointment and she says the one thing that meant so much to me. "The only thing that matters is a healthy baby and happy parents, no matter how you get there."   With that, my husband and I along with the doctor decided that breast feeding just wasn't in the cards for us. Luckily I have a great breast pump at home, so I can still give Ethan my milk, just in a modified way. So I pump, and I store, and Ethan eats and we're all much happier.  He had lost 13 oz in 3 days because of our feeding issues, and has since gained it all back, while still getting the benefit of breast milk.  No its not ideal, yes I get tired having to constantly pump. But its worth it. He's worth it.

Have I felt like I've been judged? Yes. Just today one of the LC's from the hospital called to check on us and when she found out I wasn't breast feeding exactly you could hear the annoyance in her voice. But thats fine, I know what I'm doing is best for our family, most importantly whats best for Ethan.


  1. I don't know much about chill'uns, but I do know that people always seem to think they know best about how to handle everyone else's children.

    Ultimately, you need to do what's best for your child - I imagine it's far scarier to watch him lose weight than it is to not "breast-feed."

    If you're doing what works best for your child, then you don't need to worry about anyone else's judgment. You've done the research, you've tried the options, YOU be the judge.

    Don't let 'em get you down!


  2. I am experiencing somewhat the same thing - only you are handling way better than I am. While my little boy will latch he doesn't like to stay and then it begins to hurt. I have had consults with 3 different LC's plus the nurses and LC's at the hospital within the first week of his life. I feel so bad that he's not able to feed at the breast that I hate pumping and cry everytime I give him formula. Thanks for sharing this post- it gives me a different perspective about breastmilk from a bottle.


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