Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Weight

I'll finally admit it, I gained about 70lbs during my pregnancy, a lot of which was fluid from all the swelling I had. Its hard to even admit that my weight jumped up that much, especially since I was overweight to begin with.

So I just stepped on the scale for the first time since I gave birth. I wanted to give myself a few days because of all of the excess water weight. I still have a lot of water weight and swelling to go I think but I was so happy with what I saw. Yes I'm still heavier then I was pre-pregnancy, but I'm only a week out from delivering and have already lost 35 lbs, a lot of which I believe was water.  So I'm going to give myself another week to let my body finish doing its own thing, then from that point will be able to set my weight loss goal, and know exactly how much I need/ want to lose. I had lost a great deal of weight before my pregnancy, so I have a long way to go to get back to that point, but I'm so excited!  Anyway I made myself a list of goals, with rewards to keep myself motivated once I am actively losing weight again. I need rewards because to be honest I'm lazy, and without something to keep me motivated I will give up...

Goal- 10lbs
Reward- Pedicure

Goal- 20 lbs
Reward- Getting my hair done

Goal- 30lbs

Goal 40lbs
Reward- Pedi/Mani

Goal 50lbs *** Half way point***
Reward- Shopping trip to the outlet

Goal 75lbs
Reward- Hair and Massage

Goal 100lbs
Reward- Major shopping trip!

Yes I skipped 60, 70, 80, and 90lbs. But I feel like when I reach the half way point the weight loss will be enough of a reward, and I won't need to motivation to push myself, because by then I'll see the results and want to make it up the other half of this hill.

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