Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting ready for Ethan

So I decided its time for a little pre baby pampering.  My friend Kathryn invited me for a mani-pedi yesterday and it was just what I needed, ( especially since I messed up my last pedi in like 3 days :( ). My nails look great of course, but more importantly I feel amazing. Who knew that it would just take a little nail polish to make me feel like a new person.

 Fiery red, it suited the mood

The only negative?  I decided since getting my nails done made me feel so good that maybe I should do my hair before Ethan arrived, called my salon and found out... THEY'RE CLOSED!! Like permantly! I literally almost cried!  Luckily I'm friends with my hair stylist on FB, so if she returns my message in time, maybe I can still be squeezed in for a trim/shaping up. If not it will just have to wait until after Ethan is born and I get alittle free time ( free time with a newborn hahahahaha)
My swollen but very cute toes

I did decide that I'm far to impatient to wait and have a pro dye my hair, so off to walgreens I went and after standing in the hair dye aisle for a good 20 minutes decided to go with a really dark reddish brown. I loved my previous color red with the blonde highlights, but its just to much up keep with it, and decided that this new color will be good for the fall....

Wow this is a good look on me, no?

The finished product, bye bye highlights

So I'm ready... or as ready as I'm going to be. Pampered to the max, feeling good and just waiting on my little guy. Tomorrow is a big day!!

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