Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 1 Week

My little boy is already a week old! I can't believe its been a week since he was born when it feels like we just left the hospital.

We had Ethans professional newborn photos taken monday and after the photographer left Tim got inspired and decided to take a few photos of his own with our new camera.

Likes this week-
His swing, he could sit there all day
Pacifiers, he instantly looks content when he has one
Bottle feeding- long story, I'll explain later
Tummy time, I always read that babies that young don't tolerate it for long, but he could lay on his stomach all day

Dislikes this week-
Bathtime- He still hasn't gotten use to that
Getting dressed/undressed
Bedtime ( then again what baby does like this??

Ethan already has such a little personality and definitely an attitude to boot ( don't ask Tim, he'll tell you he gets that from me.) But I literally feel complete. I've never loved someone like I love this little guy.

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