Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 3 Weeks!

Happy 3 weeks to my amazing little man!  I can't believe he is 3 weeks old already!! It seems like just yesterday I was pushing his chucky butt out lol.  Speaking of chunky, Ethan had his 2 week check up a few days ago and he is getting so big! 9lbs 14oz worth of big to be exact! Thats a pound and a half weight gain in 2 weeks ( he had lost weight and at his first appointment was 8lbs 1 oz). This kid definitely loves to eat!

What else does he love right now?

Likes- Eating ( duh!), car rides, falling asleep in mommys arms ( even though this causes my arms to fall asleep too lol) and this....
He loves this song for whatever reason. We play it and he becomes so animated moving his arms and legs like a maniac.

Dislikes- Bath time, sleeping during the day, getting dressed or undressed

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