Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day...

So induction day was on labor day, which I still think is funny and slight ironic... ( Labor day.. get it?? hahaha, sorry I think its funny).

Anyway the day started as usual, Tim had to work the night before so he slept about half the day away and I spent the morning cleaning up the house and getting last minute stuff together. Bags were packed, camera was ready, we just had to wait... and wait... and wait...  Finally about 5pm we decided to go ahead and leave to have one last Pre-E meal.  After a nice steak at Outback, we  swung by the house to give the dogs some last minute loving then headed to the hospital.

We arrived right at 8pm and were taken to our room to get settled in. About 9pm the doctor on call came to check me. Still closed, so cervadil was a must. We got it started at about 10pm and decided to go ahead and call it a night ( I had nothing better to do, especially since I was connected to so many monitors and not allowed to walk around :( ).

I woke up tuesday morning feeling "off". I wasn't sure exactly what it was I just didn't feel right. My back was killing me, and felt like it first had when I injured it a few years ago. All I could think of is how bad I wanted out of that bed, because obviously to me that was the problem.  Well shortly after waking up my day nurse came on and I started telling her how my back was throbbing and how I wished I could get out of the "horrible bed" to which she said... "Sweetie, you've been having contractions since about 2 am, I don't think its the bed thats bothering you, I think its back labor"

Back labor, for the record SUCKS!  It continued to get worse throughout the morning and I finally caved and got a dose of nubain after breakfast. ( Side note- Nubain is a wonder drug! Minimal pain, without the "woozie" feeling)

I decided to make the best of a slow labor and do my hair and makeup ;)

About noon they checked me and I was only 1 cm, so next stop was pitocin. By then my mom and Tim had left to get a bite to eat, so I was able to get a little nap in, because according to... everyone.... I get a little mean when I don't feel good lol. As the day went on I could feel the contractions getting stronger, and the second dose of nubain didn't really touch the pain. I later found out that they had to cut my pitocin back because my contractions were to strong, and to quick. Luckily I had a great support system. Of course Tim, but also my mom, stepfather, dad and even my stepmonster ( oops, I mean step mother) were all there at some point to cheer me on.
One Last Pre-E Photo

About 7pm I was miserable and after being checked had only progressed to 1.5cm. I was starting to feel discourage, I was angry, and I was ready for it all to be over with.  Thats a lot of pain to have with such little progress, but then the night shift nurse reminded me something really important. Nobody gets a special award for going thru childbirth without an epidural.  Everyone gets the same outcome, a gorgeous baby and even though I was hardly dilating I was miserable, and it was time to cave in. Once she said it like that I jumped right on board.

About 8pm the nurse anesthetist arrived and after 2 sticks my epidural was in place. Almost instanstly it started working, and my legs turned into jello. I was numb from the waist down and wasn't even able to move my own leg to reposition myself in bed.  After the epidural was secure my nurse came to place a foley cath, and recheck me, but then it happened..... Right as she was placing the cath I felt a pop, and then a gush. MY WATER FINALLY BROKE!!!  Finally some good news, my body was finally doing something to prove that I was indeed going to be having a baby.

By then it was just Tim, my mom , and my stepdad and I was ready for bed.  It took some convincing but about 10pm we finally were able to convince my mom that it would be safe for her to go home for the night because obviously it would be late wed before Ethan would arrive... or so we thought

About 3am I woke up with what can only be described as feeling like someone was hitting my lady parts with a sledge hammer. I had never felt such pain, and was worried my epidural was wearing off. I called out to the nurse and explained what was going on.  The nurse anesthetist arrived and gave me a few extra dose of medicine and it did NOTHING. I had what they called a "window" as in an area that wasn't being effected by the epidural for whatever reason. At that point my nurse decided to check me " just in case" and thank goodness she did because I was 6cm! Woo Hoo, not perfect, but finally progress.  So with having the "window" there wasn't much that could be done but tough it out as the contractions came.  Tim went ahead and called my mom to let her know that I had finally started to progess at a steady pace since we promised her that when I made it to 5cm we would tell her. She arrived about 0330 and by 0345 I was screaming. I couldn't take the pain anymore. Someone better get in there and fix this! I was sick of toughing it out, and I was sick of the pressure.

 I sent Tim out to find the nurse, and told him not to come back without someone, because this was serious. A few minutes later Tim walked in with a very frustrated looking charge nurse. It was written all over her face ( "Drama queen, she was just checked less then an hour ago, she needs to just suck this up). Well she checked me and much to her surprise ( and mine) I was 9.5 cm. I had progressed very rapidly in a matter of minutes.  She went to tell the doctor and came in with bad news to say the least. I was one of 3 women all laboring about the same pace, and all being covered by the same doctor. Someone had to wait.

Of course I didn't understand why that someone was me, but whatever I held back the urge to push ( when people tell you your body just does its own thing its true. You have to actually think about and stop yourself from doing what comes natural). At about 0445 I had enough and told them I was going to start pushing so someone better get on board with the plan. My nurse luckily did jump on board and I was finally able to start pushing. Ethan was still extremely high, so she warned me we would be at this for a while, but they would only let me push for 2 hours before we started discussing other options. By then my cath had to be removed and my epidural decreased so I could have some control over what was happening. Finally about 0645 the nurse called for the doctor because I was close.  Dr K, my knight in shining scrubs, arrived and 9 minutes later at 0654 Ethan Andrew was born.

Unfortunally he wasn't born without complications. Because of my prolonged labor and pushing his umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around his neck, so tight in fact that when Dr K caught a look of his face and saw that he was purple she rushed and cut the cord and basically yanked him the last bit of the way out.  Luckily NICU staff was on standby because when Ethan was finally out he wasn't breathing.  After a few minutes of stimulation, cpap and oxygen they were able to get him breathing again, while the entire time Tim and I watched in horror.... My little boy was purple, he wasn't suppose to be purple. Why wasn't he crying, why wasn't he moving, why didn't Tim get to cut the cord, what was going on!  Dr K explained what was happening as she continued to take care of me. Having such a big baby was harder on my body then we had hoped and she was having trouble getting my bleeding under control. I just kept hearing her yell out medicine that I had never heard of before " Lets try this.. nope not working, get me a gram of that".

 Finally about 30 minutes later I was stable and able to finally hold my little boy for the first time ever.  You know how people say that you feel an instant love for your child after they are born. Well that was never more true then when they put that little boy in my arms.

So now we are home, and I am more in love with him every time I look at his chubby cheeks and his big grey eyes.  Tim and I had done it, we had given ourselves the greatest joy ever.

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