Thursday, September 1, 2011


So instead of an actual topic, I'm going to just ramble about everything and anything that has been on my mind lately... Sorry in advance ;)

Went to the doctor today. My body still isn't making any progress on its own, but its ok because in less then a week I'll be induced because my blood pressure refuses to stablize.  We could actually be induced as early as monday, but we're thinking of waiting until tuesday, that way our favorite doctor in the practice can be there. She is fiesty, but I think thats why I like her so much because I know she will be honest and tell me what I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear it.  I call the doctors office tomorrow and finalize the induction information.

Yesterday we did our tour of the hospital.  That place is huge, but its so nice. We're delivering at a brand new hospital that has only be open for a month. Its a beautiful facility and atleast we don't have to worry about things being old and falling apart.  Its all private rooms which I love, plus they have a NICU on site, ( just in case).

Tonight Tim and I are going what could very well be our last date night before Ethans arrival. There is a local comedy club which we love, and I won free tickets a few days ago, so we're going to take advantage and go enjoy ourselves.

Speaking of Ethan, at my appointment today they did an ultrasound. It looks like I'm going to be having a big boy. As of today I'm 38weeks, 3 days, and he is measuring 8lbs11oz. He is huge!!  Thats ok, Tim and I actually have a bet going, loser has to get up with Ethan the first night at home ( yes I'm breast feeding, so I'll be awake regardless, but Tim will have to get him and bring him to me lol). Plus it looks like I'm going to win. My guess was 8lbs11oz exactly, Tims is 8lbs6oz. Winner!! 
We got a good laugh during the ultrasound, we have known Ethan will be big, and have chubby cheeks, but today all we could do was laugh at how big his cheeks are.  I think he looks like Alfred Hitchcock, Tim said Mr Potato Head. Regardless this kid is adorable!!

I guess I should get back to reading my book. Currently on my reading list- " The Mommy Files" by Jen Klein, its cute, but kind of a let down because its not telling me anything new or exciting. Next up " Breastfeeding Sucks" by Joanne Kimes. Her other book Pregnancy Sucks has been one of my favorites during my pregnancy, so hopefully I'll love this one too!

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