Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Or in my case this would be called weight GAIN wednesday. Thats right I don't know why and I don't know how but I gained 2 lbs this week! GAHHHH. Yes I know its only 2 lbs but it still sucks to step on the scale and see it.  I know mine and Tims eating habits aren't up to par right now and we eat out way to much so I already warned him that starting today that is going to stop. We're going to eat at home more and eat healthy. A little grilled chicken and veggies never killed anyone. Plus we are going to get more active.  Walking, bike riding, you name it we're doing it. I guess I'll have to get one of those side car things for my bike though if I want to go bike riding huh?  I just wish I had a better excuse for the weight gain. Yes I've been sick the last few days, but thats still not a good enough excuse to gorge on junk food like I have been doing. But like I said that stops today.

Weight this week- 258
Weight loss so far- 32
Back in prepregnancy clothes yet?- Nope, I tried a pair of pre-preggo jeans the other day and those things were TIGHT!
Eating- Junk food. I know I know, how can I lose weight while eating junk?
Exercise- My goal for the next week is to excerise ( even just a walk) atleast 4 times
How do I feel- Yucky... I have a cold and no energy :(

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