Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood- Bedtime

Bedtime? Whats that?  Sleep? Yeah thats an even bigger riddle.

My husband would tell you that I'm a planner, and therefore can get alittle antsy if things don't go as planned.  Now this wasn't too much of a problem Pre-Ethan, because I could plan my day out/trips out/ whatever and know that things would actually close to this.  Post-Ethan- I don't know why I even try.

Ideally we start our bedtime routine somewhere between 815 and 830 with a bath. Then after getting little man bathed and dressed he and I settle into our big comfy glider for some music and a bottle. If I'm lucky he's asleep by 9pm.  Now this seems like it would be ideal, because then I can stay up and do some house work/ catch up on tv/ whatever.  However this only works about every other night.

The other nights look something like this bath, dressed, bottle, and wide awake child who decides he wants to play. So I rock and I rock and I rock him until I can rock no more. Yep he's still awake. So then I cave and decide that laundry, dishes and everything else will wait, its play time.  Finally 11pmish rolls around and he falls asleep. Now of course its been almost 3 hours since his last feeding, which I know means that there is no point in going anywhere because he'll be awake soon enough. And he is... always.  Yep this fun little game of his happens all night long. He wants to play for 2 hours, sleep for 30 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

After a long night my swaddling skills are pretty much nonexistent

Until somewhere close to sun rise he crashes, and so do I ( normally right there in the big comfy glider because I have ran completely out of energy to move to my big comfy bed.) 

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