Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood- Grocery Edition

I don't even know where to start!  Let me just say that grocery shopping with a newborn=bad idea!! 

A few days ago I got the brilliant idea to go and buy groceries because our cabinets were starting to look pretty scary. Of course my very smart husband suggested I wait until the next day when he's off and I could leave Ethan with him. But no, I am super mom, hear me ROAR!

I mean its just a grocery store, nowhere scary, and "I'll do it right after I feed Ethan, because then the car ride will put him to sleep".  If only I knew.

1st mistake- Didn't make out a grocery list, because after all I was just planning on getting a "few" things.

Mistake number 2. Our grocery store is probably only a half a mile away, which isn't really enough time for a baby to really fall asleep.

Mistake number 3 ( this is the big one) Taking my time!!

I was enjoying doing something different so I decided there was no reason to rush. Got to the store, Ethan was asleep, put him in the cart and headed inside. Veggies-check, Deli counter- Check, Meat- Check. Cereal- No check!  About the time I made it to the cereal aisle I started to lose my battle with my sleeping angel.  At first it was just a few moans and grunts so I grab the cereal and decide its time to hurry things along. Oh wait I need spagetti, time to back track. Right as I got to the pasta aisle Ethans little moans and grunts turned into a full on screaming fit. As if he was saying " Listen here lady, get me the heck out of this car seat!"  So I pulled out his paci and bought myself a few extra minutes. After that there was no stopping him. So there I stood now in the milk section with a red faced, screaming newborn. At that point I just started grabbing stuff, because I mean its food, we'll eat it eventually and I ran to the check out.

And yet I still had a second to snap a picture

The other fun part was getting home, its not like I listened to Tims advice to wait, therefor I had nobody to help me bring everything in, which means I had to bring Ethan in first and leave him there long enough for me to make 3 trips back to the car ( so much for just getting a few things huh).  By the time I finally got inside and shut the door with the last few grocery bags he looked like he was going to bust a blood vessel in his head. So I run over, get him out of the car seat and sit down for a minute... silence, finally. About 2 minutes later I look down and see a peacefully sleeping little boy.

I can just hear what he was thinking now " Nobody puts baby in the carseat... nobody."

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