Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting into a routine

So ya know how all the baby books and doctors and blah blah blah say that you really shouldn't start a schedule with an infant until they are a few months old? Well I say they're wrong. Atleast when it comes to my infant. But if it will make them happier then its not a schedule, its a "routine".

Tim and I have both gotten to the point where we are tired of fighting with Ethan to sleep. He has only been getting about 10 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period for the last week or so. Basically he would wake up in the morning eat, play and then refuse to nap. All. Day. Long. Then he would sleep for about 9 hours ( broke up in 3 hour periods) at night.  I mean yeah, he would take a 10 minute power nap in our arms here and there. But 10 minute power naps 3 times a day just doesn't cut it. So by the evening he was in a horrible mood wanting to do nothing but fuss. Why? Because he was sleepy.

 You would think he would just go to sleep if thats what he needed right? Nope. He would yawn and shut his eyes for a second only to pop them right open because he's afraid he's going to miss something then starting screaming.  Of course the only thing he was missing was mommy trying to get some house work done, or eat something.

So then I read "Happiest Baby on the Block" and we started trying the 5S's. And it helped!  Every time Ethan would get into those fussy, nothing we can do to help moods. We would swaddle him, put him in his swing and play some white noise. ( Thank goodness for iphone apps). And it would stop. A few minutes later he would drift peacefully to dream land and all was right in the world.

Of course this wasn't an exact science and he would still have those fits so we tried harder to look for a pattern, to find something that could be done different. And then I realized it. 

Ethans normally starts yawning about an hour after he is fed. So at that point a routine fell into place.
He wakes up, eats and plays for an hour. Then gets swaddled and will easily sleep for a hour to hour and a half. Then he wakes up and is in a good mood and wants to play ( or be cuddled, or whatever) until its time to eat again.

It makes for such a better day! He's happy, I'm happy, Tims happy. 

So whoever says scheduling doesn't work. Let them come to my house without trying to stick to a routine and watch how quickly they change their mind.

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