Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
( No judging my dorktastic glasses, we both know they're awesome )

 What are you doing on this beautiful day?
Not much going on for us today. Ethan is of course way too small to take out tonight ( although Tim almost had me convinced to do it, because after all Ethan can't eat the candy... so someone else would have too ;)  But we still decided to get him dressed up in his little costume to take photos (and who knows maybe I'll even get dressed up myself to pass out candy).

My little monkey

So besides the obvious excuse to eat candy and dressing up all silly, my favorite reason for halloween is the scary movies. I love horror movies so in honor of halloween I decided to post the top 10 best scary movies, according to me. ( yes some of the common scary movie faves like Psycho and poltergeist didn't make my list... but what can I say, I'm not a fan...)

10.Paranormal Activity

9.Friday the 13th

8.Texas Chainsaw Massacre

7.Nightmare on Elm Street


5. Amityville Horror ( the original, however I also love the remake with Ryan Reynolds... hubba hubba)

4. The Omen ( once again the original not the remake)

3.Rosemarys Baby

2.The Shining

1. The Exorcist

Ok thats it, my top 10 scary movies.
Have a safe and fun halloween!!

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