Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make a mom go from 0 to 60.

Ok so yes, new first time moms may be alittle more sensitive to things because its still a learning process. However there are somethings that people do that will set a mom ( not just a new mom) off in seconds.

1. I know your a parent yourself. However your kids are 40 years old. Don't sit here and argue with me all day about how things were done " back in your day". Your kids rode around without seatbelts, and you smoked around them all the time. That makes you a better mom?

2. Congrats, your children slept on their stomach. That doesn't mean I'm going to do that. Yes SIDS is real, yes research has been done, no I don't care that your kids turned out all right!

3. Thanks for all of your well meaning advice. I'm assuming since you have no children of your own, nor are you EVER around them then your an expert.

4. Yes I know the baby is crying. No that doesn't automatically mean he is hungry. Yes I'm sure, really sure. No you can't give him a bottle just to make him "happy" He's NOT hungry!

5. Pretty much anything you say after " No offense but..." I don't want to hear. Thanks

and last but not least something that happened to me and Ethan just the other day, the reason for my first "mommy freakout"

So there we are, minding our own business at the Navy Exchange ( the navys version of a Target). We were there to buy a new computer for Tim. Ethan needed changed so we ran to the restroom.  I was almost done changing him when a lady walked out of a stall, walked right over to us at the changing station and tried to put her dirty, nasty, had just used the bathroom hands all over my childs face! Of course I flipped and without giving you the R rated version it went something like " What the (fill in the blank) do you think your doing! You just ( fill in the black) and now you are trying to touch my child. First I don't know you, and even if I did you just used the bathroom!!!!  The lady just looked at me in shock, like I was the one who was out of my mind while stammering " He's just so cute, blah blah blah, sorry he's just precious". Then she ran out of the bathroom.. WITHOUT WASHING HER HANDS!   Seriously I just fussed at her and in her hurry to get away from me ( I may have possibly had smoke coming out of my ears) she still didn't wash her hands. WTF.   Yes I know I have a adorable child. But trust me, he is still just as cute without you touching him.

So there you have it. 6 things never to say or do to a new mom. I mean you can, just don't blame here when she kicks your butt ;)

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  1. Great post! #1 & 4 made my day... I completely agree. It should be prominently displayed on our child's car seat, diaper bag, or any other baby possession.


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