Thursday, October 13, 2011

Karps missing S's

So I'm currently reading Harvey Karps " Happiest Baby on the Block", whom if you don't know this guy is apparently the guru of all gurus when it comes to comforting a fussy baby. Now Ethan isn't really more fussy then any other normal baby, but Tim bought this for me before he was born, so I decided it can't hurt, maybe it will even help some.

I'm not completely done with the book but I can say that Dr. Karps techniques do work. Remember how I mentioned in a previous post ( because you read all my post right?) that Ethan has a "witching" hour every night, and I named his alter ego Egor?  Well we have been using Dr. Karps techniques and the witching hour has been much more tolerable. A little swaddling, a little shushing and we're good to go.

However I've decided that the great doctor missed a few things. Or I guess technically I came up with a few on my own that really seem to work for us.

1. Shower- So we have finally realized that Ethan hates baths, and by hates I mean full blown red face screaming fit.  Well the other day at wits end, and dreading another bath time Tim decided just to take Ethan in the shower with him to "get it over with".  Talk about surprise when not one unpleasant sound escaped our little mans lips the entire time. He loved it! And so now thats what we do. Showers with mommy or daddy.  I personally love it because it gives me some bonding time and its so funny to watch him tilt his head backwards into the water and let it hit his face ( plus he gets so mad if you move his face away from the stream) Plus it definitely helps calm him down if he is having a rough day.

2.Skin- As in skin to skin.  Once again another win win. Ethan calms down and relaxes plus Tim and I get to have some intimate bonding time with our little boy. I normally do this right after a shower for the added benefit and could lay with him for hours. We play a little music and just lay down enjoying the peace and quiet.

Now these two don't work 100% of the time, but nothings perfect. I think the funniest thing about the 5's is that its stuff we all do anyway, but putting them together in a certain order makes a world of difference. Trust me, if your struggling with a fussy baby ( or even a baby who is only occasionally fussy) check this book out!

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  1. I'm reading that book now! I haven't gotten very far into it yet but just by doing the 5 S's I can tell a huge difference! I've never tried putting P in the shower with me, I will have to try that!


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