Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Rambling and photo dump

So there are a million things on my mind, but not enough of any one in particular for a actual post, so instead you get them all...

-Started Christmas shopping today. I love this time of the year, its gorgeous weather plus it means christmas is right around the corner. 

-Do you know how hard it is to come up with christmas ideas of a baby that will only be 3 months old?  Thats right at the time we're he'll probably be much more interactive, yet the toy selection is still so slim.  But we started christmas shopping today and got a few things for him that I think he will like ( I can't believe Tim didn't throw a fit when I picked up the raggady Andy doll... I definitely thought he would veto it because " No son of his will have a doll" Whatever....

-  I realized I only have a week and a half before I go back to work. Its bitter sweet because I miss my job, and talking to adults ( because it gets alittle old not having someone who can talk back to me when Tim is at work) but at the same time I'm not ready to leave Ethan. Luckily my mom will be watching him when Tim and I are both working so its a familiar face.

-Did I mention my complaining about Tims work schedule must have payed off? They are switching schedules and he gets to go back to days! Woo Hoo!!

- Remember I posted that there would be an awesome surprise regarding our trip to the pumpkin patch.. Well here it is!  How cute is he?!? I mean he's adorable anyway, but seriously this melts my heart.

- I feel like such a bad mommy. I hate cutting Ethans nails and normally let Tim do it because I'm so afraid I'm going to cut him, well I didn't have a choice yesterday because they were getting so long. My worse fear came true. I cut my poor baby and sat there and cried with him. Yes he was over it long before I was, but it broke my heart when I realized what happened

- Good news?  We have smiling. I mean consistent smiling. He smiles in response to us, and falls asleep smiling.

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  1. I love that smile! It makes the refusal to go to sleep a little better... well maybe not when they are refusing to go to sleep.


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