Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seven Things

I've been tagged! Seriously, this made my day to know that people not only read my blog, but want to know more about me and my crazy life.  I was tagged by The Mrs. over at  . Check out her blog if you haven't already she is another new mommy and I love reading what she has to say!

Ok so here we go...

There are 3 simple directions to follow:
  1. Write 7 things about yourself.
  2. Give the ‘award’ to other blogs
  3. Inform them about it!
Here we go!
  1. I'm originally from North Carolina and don't think there is anywhere better to grow up. Good food, good people, good times.  One day if I'm lucky maybe we can settle down there after the Navy.
  2. I keep thinking about going for my masters, becoming a Nurse Practitioner. But to be honest the thought of it scares me to death. I hated college the first time around ( probably why I transferred 3 times) and don't know if I can go thru it again.
  3. This isn't my first blog. I had another one about my "journey to skinny jeans" ie a weight loss/low carb blog which pretty much went to the wayside after I found out I was pregnant since I wasn't able to diet anymore. One day I might start it back up who knows...
  4. Something I don't talk about a lot, mostly because its something I still struggle to understand is my brother, he's transgender and seeing him go thru his journey has brought up so many mixed emotions. I'm proud of him for standing up for himself and who he sees himself as, but it breaks my heart knowing that this will never be an easy journey for him and knowing that my "little sister" is gone in a way.
  5. I'm a baseball addict. I could watch or play baseball/softball all day every day. And I normally take a road trip to Atlanta once a year to cheer on the Braves. This year it didn't happen but thats of course because I was having such a wacky pregnancy. Next year though I have a date at Turner Field with my favorite team. Go Braves!!
  6. I'm a complete and total girly girl. I even did  my makeup when I was in labor, because you "never know who will see those photos later".  Plus I love accessories. I have about 10 pairs of eye glasses ( prescription, not fake ones) and I lost count of my shoe collection, but you never know when you'll need that "perfect thing"
  7. I'm opinionated to a fault. Its really a double edged sword because people know that I will always tell them the truth, good or bad. I'm definitely not the person to ask for their opinion if you really don't want to hear what I have to say. I've learned over the years to try and be more tactful in my approach, but it has come back to haunt me on more then one occasion.
Wow that was actually kind of fun!

Now its time to pass this along to some other wonderful people. Check out their blogs, I love reading what these ladies have to say.

Trust me, check these out. Yes all but one are mommy bloggers, but I love these!!

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  1. #6- love! I looked a hot mess in the delivery room therefore I look a hotess in my pics. I should have thought about this!


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