Friday, October 14, 2011

Thumbs Down

Yep today was a big thumbs down, literally.

 My little sister is in town for fall break so she and I along with my mom decided to go tackle some errands for her wedding.  Well after finding her shoes to match her dress we stopped by Moms so my sister could try on her dress with the veil I wore to my wedding ( her something borrowed).

So I jumped out of the car and turned to talk to my sister right as I shut the car door.. ON MY HAND! As in the door completely latched shut and I had to open it with the handle to free my hand. . Of course I am screaming my head off and nobody understands why until I manage to finally say what happened. 

I ended up putting some ice on it and finishing what we had came for but after a while with the swelling and pain I decided it was time to get it checked out.

Ethan was at home being watched by my brother, so my sister Michelle went to my house to relieve Ryan so he could get some school work done while mom and I ran to urgent care. 2 hours and a xray later I broke my thumb... Lucky me. So yep like I said Thumb(s) down.

What idiot shuts their hand in a door??

This girl thats who

Its hard to tell in the photo but now I get to rock an awesome splint for 4 weeks until it heals. I never realized just how much I really used my thumb until I can't use it anymore. Even things like picking Ethan take a little more thought. So yep go me, never a dull moment.

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