Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weight loss wednesday

So not really any changes this week ( wow thats getting annoying to say). But its ok. I got my final bit of motivation from the doctor yesterday at my check up. The all clear to go back to my normal routine. So that means I can really start putting this weight loss into high gear. Time to kiss the baby weight goodbye!

Weight this week- 258
Weight loss so far- 32
Back in prepregnancy clothes yet?-No but I do feel like my clothes are starting to look better ( maybe just wishful thinking?)
Eating- So I have been gone back and forth with the idea of going low carb again. Downside it can effect my milk supply. Upside I feel amazing. So I've decided to compromise with myself. Normally when I go low carb its pretty extreme, so instead I'm going to do a very modified version where I can eat much more then I would normally on a low carb, but only the "good stuff". So far so good- Tonight I had grilled chicken, roasted potatos and strawberries with cream cheese dip for dessert... YUM
Exercise-  I was finally cleared by my doctor to exercise again! My post partum check up was yesterday and it went great. She said I look wonderful and can go back to my regular routine ( however she warned that I shouldn't dive in head first... apparently she knows me to well) So far lots of walks and a little bit of kettle bell. Tomorrow I think I'm going to tackle the gym for the first time in a long time.
How do I feel-I feel good. Getting the all clear from my doctor was exactly what I needed for that last little bit of motivation.

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