Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 days of Thanks- Day 3

So I was going to be silly and post my keurig ( who knows, maybe another time?) but decided to try to keep this serious, so today I decided on my job.  Working in a childrens hospital is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done ( except for my family which always has the number 1 spot). But not only do I have the pleasure of working in a childrens hospital, I get to work with children with cancer and blood disorders, everything from leukemia, to brain tumors, to hemophilia and sickle cell. This has seriously been my dream job since I was in nursing school.  Its hard to have a bad day or a pity party for yourself when you think about the things my patients have to go thru. Chemo, transplants, transfusions, and all the "yuckiness" that comes with it. Yet these kids keep their heads up, a smile on their faces and fight their hardest to get thru. They are such an inspiration to me, to keep fighting no matter how hard it gets. I look at my own son and don't know how the parents and patients stay so strong but they do. And for that I'm thankful. Thankful I have the honor of meeting these people, and hoping that in some small way I am making a difference.

Get involved!  Whether you donate, volunteer, or just say a prayer do your part to help fight cancer.  For more information on childrens cancer research check out cure search.

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