Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks- Day 4

Ok so today I'm thankful for my planner. Yes my planner. Let me explain. I'm what my loving husband would call a PITA. Oops I mean a constant planner ;)  I have a hard time doing spur of the moment stuff ( wish that wasn't true, but it is) and always have my planner with me. Always.    Its just nice to be able to whip it out and know exactly whats going on when, without the whole " Ummmmm I dunno, let me get back to you", because I do know. So this time of the year I get all excited because the planners for the upcoming year come out and I run to target to by mine, then spend way to long at home getting it all organized ( putting in birthdays, my work schedule, Tims work schedule, whatver) I seriously don't know if I could properly function without it.  So yep. I think this officially makes me a queen size dork and should probably find some time to relax.... Let me just pull out my planner and pencil that in ;)

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